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Welcome to The WoMentoring Project 

The WoMentoring Project exists to offer free mentoring by professional literary women to talented up and coming female writers who would otherwise find it difficult to access similar opportunities.

The mission of The WoMentoring Project is simple: to introduce successful literary women to other women writers at the beginning of their careers who would benefit from some insight, knowledge and support. The hope is that we’ll see new, talented and diverse female voices emerging as a result of time and guidance received from our mentors.

Each mentor selects their own mentee and it is at their discretion how little or much time they donate and what form that takes. We have no budget, it’s a completely free initiative and every aspect of the project – from the project management to the website design to PR support – is being volunteered by a collective of female literary professionals. Quite simply this is about exceptional women supporting exceptional women.


Bespoke illustration by WoMentoring mentor Sally Jane Thompson

The Ethics of Participation – six top tips

Originally posted on Wellcome Trust Blog:

The Wellcome Trust Engaging Science grantholders are a diverse group – artists, actors, film makers, scientists and many more. As part of the on-going support we provide, we host a biannual grantholders day. This gives them the opportunity to get together and discuss their projects, any problems they have faced and their solutions. We have learnt a lot from these events and in a series of posts in the coming weeks we will be sharing some of what was discussed at our last meeting. In this first post we share some tips and debates that arose from the session ‘The Ethics of Participation’ which explored how the ethics of participation shapes, stalls and enriches projects.
Mind over matter; brain donation

Brain Donor from Mind over Matter project

To the right is one of the many faces that make up Bronwyn Parry and Ania Dabrowska’s People Award funded installation, Mind over Matter. At the heart…

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Q&A: Melanie Wilson – Life through the lens of dementia

Originally posted on Wellcome Trust Blog:

Melanie Wilson

Melanie Wilson

In Autobiographer, writer-performer Melanie Wilson takes a theatrical audience through the unravelling mind of the main character, Flora. But how does one go about conveying what it’s like to live with dementia? We asked her to explain.

What is Autobiographer about? 

‘Autobiographer’ is a poetic performance woven from the last remembered fragments of the life of a charming, affectionate and thoughtful woman called Flora. Flora is the autobiographer of the title and the performance is formed around her stories and recollections.

What does the title mean?

It is the job title of the main character and describes the narrative form of the piece. Flora is engaged in ceaseless endeavour to keep hold of her own autobiography. 

How did you become interested in memory and dementia?

Over the last four years I have been making performances and sound pieces that have had a particular interest in notions…

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Some thoughts on the occasion of my Mum’s death


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This is the note I found in the attic, written in my Mum’s unique round and generous handwriting:

“Don’t be sad darlings.

I believe, firmly and truly, we shall meet again with joy.

All my love


Thank you all for a lovely life with you.”

The above is a great example of the positive way Mum lived her life. I have never met anyone who (despite her reservations) embraced old age with more contentment and gratitude than Mum.

My happiest memories with Mum include our cruise round the Scottish Islands, visits to The Main Street Trading Company bookshop, visits to the Globe and to Stratford on Avon, hearing Yevgeny Yevtushenko read his poetry in Charing Cross Road, watching TV adaptations of Henry James novels, adding a contribution from Mum’s clothing (a red and white blouse) to my packing when leaving for The Scottish College of Textiles and sharing our interest in novels poetry and helpful spiritual books. On the day of Mum’s funeral where usually there are two doves in the garden, this time there were three. My father, my sister and Mum reunited perhaps?


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