I find it extraordinarily painful to deliver a creative work. Recently I had to submit 10,000 words of which 6000 were fiction, the rest was theory. At the end of the writing period I said that it was harder work giving birth to these words than it had been giving birth to my daughter. I am sure there are many mothers who may think I exaggerate. I am now embarked on another 80,000 words. I almost wish it were a child. Perhaps this writing process is more like bringing up a child. Each day you do your best but you cannot tell how the child will turn out until the child is grown up.


3 thoughts on “Birth

    • 1667 words is achievable though – after all you don’t have to stop there! I like the camaraderie of these WriMos! Oh dear that is two nuclear weapon (according to Stuart Kelly) punctuations. My writing is not only non nuclear it is also non linear. When it gets into a more logical shape would you be up for a bit of reading/feedback?

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