The Real and the Fake

Easy, I thought, I’ll take a few historical figures, take liberties with them and that can be my back story. Oh what a silly billy. I have been working out how old my real personage would be when he did various deeds that I have made him do – 72 and 81. For him to meet even someone’s grandson, the grandson will be about 97. So I have been desperately re-writing the time lines of history, finding that I have to write the whole story of a document which came into being in 1746 and then doesn’t reappear until 1996. I had imagined I could just draw a veil over the intervening 250 years but no, I keep thinking things like “but what was it doing all that time? How did it get here? Who found it? Why did they not tell anyone?” etc. Next time I will make the whole thing up and then when people say “that didn’t really happen,” I can say, no, you are right, I just made it up.”

My question for this evening is why (and this actually happened) would an 88 year old man bother to hang himself? Answers on a post card please for this rather morbid suject.


2 thoughts on “The Real and the Fake

  1. I think the reason that anyone chooses to kill themselves is because life has become unbearable for them in one way or another.

    Why would an 88 year old kill himself? My guess would be that he was worried that a terrible secret was about to be revealed and the shame of it would be too much for him to live with.

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