Whirlpool Garbage Disposal



I have a fabulous whirlpool which acts as a garbage disposal. It exists on the right hand side corner near the top of my peripheral vision. Its beautiful regular spiral swirls the garbage round, down and away.

I created the whirlpool as the “releasing circle” as suggested by an internet course


bought by me for the very reasonable price of $1. You can pay $25 but I am a skint cheapskate. The course takes place over 21 days, dealing with different issues labelled “emotional baggage”. A repetitive chorus of suggestions urge you to take each issue and put it into the releasing circle. Meanwhile we are encouraged to use a simple mantra every time the issue rears its ugly head.

My only criticism is that the exercise takes 30 minutes each day and after a few days of listening to the same script I got bored. However I will persevere as it is already shining a light bulb on many of my self sabotaging ways.




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