Mum’s day


Mum is woken in the morning by Kathie who makes her a bowl of porridge with salt and milk, a slice of toast with Lurpak spread and marmalade washed down with a cup of tea. A mug of chocolate Build Up is ready for later. Mum has a snooze.

Mum takes off her nightie, leaves her vest on, puts on her pants and, grabbing her stick, she staggers to her wheeled zimmer trolley and sets off for the bathroom. A wee wash and then back to the bedroom. A pair of woollen ribbed tights pulled on at full length and fixed at half mast completes the underwear. A blouse, knitted skirt and knitted top follow and Mum, exhausted, sits on the edge of her bed. She takes her hot pink curry comb and drags it through her shoulder length, white, shoulder length hair. She lies back on the bed. Snooze time again.

The postman is the next excitement. Much of it is for my brother or his partner. At this time of year, Christmas cards enliven Mum’s usual post of catalogues, prize draws, bills and charity appeals. Mum tears off the stamps for the charity collection. She spends hours filling in prize draws, convinced Mr X will soon visit Melrose and hand over a cheque for £25000 written out to Mrs Doreen Bryden. After pouring over clothing catalogues she goes a bit mad and orders several pairs of Sloggi pants. Snooze time.

The next visitor is the lunch lady. She lets herself in and finds Mum either in bed or in the high backed chair in the sitting room. She brings Mum a bowl of soup and a mug of milk, asks her how she is, writes up her notebook and goes off to the next client. After lunch: snooze time.

At three o’clock it’s time for a cup of tea with a slice of cake or a piece of bread and butter. A wee bit of reading. Snooze.

At five o’clock Mum eats a tiny ham sandwich with another mug of milk. Some more reading. At six thirty, Mum takes off her clothes, puts on her nightie, goes to the loo and settles down to sleep.



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