Adapting conventional prose to another form


At the moment I am writing a novel about a character who has early onset dementia. I have completed the first draft of the conventional novel and know what happens. Now I am doing an experimental version using Facebook status updates to tell the story. There are many hurdles to overcome and it wasn’t until I saw the above headline that I realised my own project is similar to creating a graphic novel of a full length novel. Sure I don’t have to worry about the pictures (I will use pictures but only those which Facebook would normally have on a standard account) but how does a team adapt a prose novel to a graphic format?

It must be much harder to do an adaptation than to create a story specifically for graphic form. Perhaps I should ditch my original story and create an original version “on” Facebook? Part of my research is looking at what parallels and differences there are between conventional narratives and Facebook narratives. It is a fascinating study. Challenges, challenges.


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