What I like about writing


I like writing because it is the best way to see what I think. If I try to say what I think it comes out in a burble of nonsense. And usually what I say is not at all what I think. There is no reliable connection between my brain and my mouth. Except when I am teaching or presenting. Or reading out loud something I have written.

Reading out loud is almost as good as writing. Better I suppose, because if people like what you read out loud, they clap out loud as well. The best cure for nerves if you are not first on stage is hearing the applause that meets the previous performance. So always make sure you are up after a talented person.

I often ask to be first in the running order. This used to be because I had difficulty staying awake after 7pm. I’m over that stage of my life now (I often stay up till midnight). It used to be fun knowing that I had first dibs on the audience. I love the feeling of getting laughs or gasps in the right places and it is even better when the laughs and gasps come unexpectedly. It is so exciting finding that writing has a life beyond what I consciously understood.


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