Why am I doing a PhD? Reminder to self.


Why am I doing a PhD again? Let me count the ways

  1. I like the idea of Dr Summers.
  2. Nobody else in the immediate family have a PhD.
  3. I wanted to get help with writing a publishable novel.
  4. Originally I hoped to get funding.
  5. I hope it will help me get well paid employment.
  6. I wanted to work with established writers.
  7. I like being a student.
  8. I have something to say.
  9. I like trying out new ideas.

What have been the benefits so far?

  1. I’ve met some wonderful people who have introduced me to other wonderful people.
  2. I’ve found out so much interesting information.
  3. I love experiencing the thrill of the moment when I see lots of new connections and possibilities.
  4. I’ve been shoved right out of my comfort zone.
  5. I’ve proved I can keep going on a big project.
  6. I’ve reignited my love of libraries.
  7. The train is more like a bus to me.
  8. I’ve read more books than I could even have imagined reading.
  9. I’m so enjoying other people’s talents.
  10. Social network sites ROCK.


Back to work.




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