Special preview coming! I will shortly host a story from this collection!

PRESS RELEASE: 12 April 2012

By Caroline Smailes & Nik Perring, illustrated by Darren Craske

Paperback Published 12 April 2012, £6.99. The Friday Project ISBN 978-0-00-744289-8

“Read it and be amazed! Before you finish you’ll already be thinking of who to buy it for. It’s a circus sideshow made of words: dare to enter and become astonished to discover yourself on stage, in the starring role. I guarantee that by the time you finish reading this book you’re not only recognize your inner freak, but you’ll have learned to love it.”

Andrew Kaufman, author of All My Friends are Superheroes and The Tiny Wife

Dedicated ‘To all who, if only for a moment, felt that they didn’t belong’, FREAKS is a unique collection of short stories with comic book style illustrations.


Darkly humorous these stories explore the more disturbing consequences of ordinary, flawed human beings obtaining superpowers. 


A bizarre collection of short stories, each featuring a character with an unusual superpower.


FREAKS taps into the current growth in popularity of short stories and fascination with imperfect super heroes, as seen in recent film Chronicles and Channels 4’s cult series Misfits.


Meet The Photocopier, a woman who can reproduce herself at will and attempts to teach her daughter to do the same.  The man who can break his way into his lovers dream and the woman in My Little Pony pants who likes to be ridden like a Pony.


Over fifty freaks and misfits feature in this unforgettable book. A unique collaboration between three popular writers, the stories are written by  Caroline Smailes (Like Bees to Honey) and Nik Perring (Not So Perfect) and illustrated by Darren Craske, a comic book artist and author of The Cornelius Quaint Chronicles.  Stories aren’t credited so the reader is left to guess which is written by Caroline or Nik.  

FREAKS will appeal to contemporary fiction, short story and graphic novel fans alike.


The cover has been designed by leading movie poster designer Sam Bennett.



About the Authors

Caroline Smailes was born in Newcastle. In 2005 a chance remark on a daytime chat show caused Caroline to reconsider her life. She enrolled on an MA in Creative Writing and began writing. Caroline lives in the North West of England with her husband and three children. She can be found at http://www.carolinesmailes.co.uk and twitter.com/Caroline_S


Nik Perring lives in Cheshire, UK, where he writes, mostly, short stories. The stories he’s written have been widely published, in the UK and abroad, in print and on-line. They’ve been collected in the

book Not So Perfect (Roast Books, 2010), read at events, printed on fliers and used, with one of Dave Eggers’, as essential material on a creative writing course in the US. If Nik could choose a super power he would rather like the ability to type a little faster. Either that or be able to talk to cats. He likes cats. His online home is here: nikperring.com


Darren Craske began his career writing and illustrating comic books before his published work with book one of the Cornelius Quaint Chronicles: The Equivoque Principle. The second book in the series, The Eleventh Plague followed soon after, with the conclusion to the series to be published in 2012. Darren lives in Hampshire with his wife and two children.



Media Inquires

For Review Copies please contact James Lynch at LightBrigade PR on jameslynch@lightbrigade.co.uk

For features, interviews and illustrations please contact Jo Marino at LightBrigade PR jomarino@lightbrigade.co.uk



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