My daughter has given birth…

…to a magazine! She and her business partner, Director, Serena Guen  are the youngest women ever to launch an international print and digital magazine. Over the last eight months I have watched, listened and prayed as the magazine took shape. Both girls are also studying for degrees, Charlotte at the London College of Fashion and Serena at NYU.

With a mix of excitement and trepidation I attended the launch of the first issue. Of course as Suitcase is a fashion and travel magazine it took weeks of planning my outfit. I tried vintage and old favourites. Charlotte (Editor in Chief) said the vintage dress didn’t show enough flesh and one old favourite dress produced this reaction: “But Mummy you’ve put on weight since you wore that!” She was right about both of course and in the end she sent me photos of dresses from the High Street. I would never have chosen any of them myself, having dismissed them as too young for me. The first one I tried on in Zara was absolutely gorgeous.

I bought five pairs of tights – nude, green fishnet and black fishnet and nearly had a panic attack over shoes, in the end shoving every pair of possible ones in my suitcase. The day of the launch, the editor and I tried out a place near Oxford Circus which promised “Glam and Go”. They totally succeeded in their claim. I came out with wonderful curls, gorgeous pink lips and teal coloured nails. The Editor also looked extremely beautiful. Now we had the challenge of dashing through the chilly wind outside and the warm wind in the underground, praying that our glamour was not blown away by the time we got back to the hotel. The Editor wouldn’t let me wear my “air hostess” shoes so I managed to keep her six inch heeled bright blue strappy torture devices for about two thirds of the launch, chiefly by sitting down a lot.

The launch took place in Shoreditch House in a room called the “Biscuit Tin”. When we arrived Serena’s mother was gamely transporting enormous boxes from one storey to another in a tiny lift. When the rooms were finally ready, the bar was shiny with jugs of cocktails and glasses of Prosecco. Huge photos from shoots in Australia and London decorated the brick walls, Sunday girl was away and a glittery photo booth invited guests to take snapshots.

The guests flooded in and the Editor and the Director posed for photos with Millie and Caggy from Made In Chelsea and singer, King Charles and with hundreds of other guests.  Waiters kept up a running service of delicious nibbles served on wooden platters and Prosecco flowed like water. The room filled with models and fashionistas, including representatives of The Sun, London Evening Standard and Vogue.

I was delighted by the number of pretty young things who embraced me warmly saying “You must be so proud!” Charlotte’s tutors from London College of Fashion also enjoyed the occasion and when I said thank you to them for giving Charlotte encouragement they all said “she did it herself!” Everybody looked as though they were having a fabulous time. It was a truly groovy atmosphere. Of course none of this could have been achieved without the support of the Editor and the Director’s friends: Caroline Guen, Max Guen, Moose Guen, Rhoda Debrou, Jo Stockton and Bertie Milward.

BUY SUITCASE MAGAZINE ONLINE HERE:  or buy it at branches of WH Smith countrywide.


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