It’s getting a bit “drafty” in here…

My novel Temporal Sentence, an account of a woman with early onset dementia has gone through many forms since its original inspiration:

  1. Creative non-fiction tale of family member’s experience told through four voices
  2. Fictional version A told in two voices
  3. Fictional version B told in four voices
  4. Fictional version C losing a character and plot point, told in third person
  5. Fictional version D villain turning into goody, dementia replacing character, taking out attempted murder plot.
  6. Facebook version—the runt of the litter—bullied out of existence.

Final Version?

Watch this space!


One thought on “It’s getting a bit “drafty” in here…

  1. The answer obviously is to write a version which includes parts of all the versions, thereby having something for everyone. I’m being facetious, of course, but I do empathise. If only there were just one way to write a book…. Sometimes I’d like to be told what to do – writing wise, anyway.

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