From one pantomime to another!

Now I mean no disrespect to the venerable Law of our Land but after a visit to the Pantomime last night and another day of Jury Duty at the High Court today, I couldn’t help noticing some similarities between what happens on stage and what happens in court. Both institutions have strange costumes and extraordinary wigs. The jury and the accused are  the equivalent of the audience and we watch in silence as the lawyers strut their stuff. There are dramatic pauses, jokes and tit for tat. Instead of the curtain going up and down, the court rise when the Judge appears and disappears. In the interval at the Kings we ate strawberry ice cream. Today delicious chicken escalope with a spicy sauce was served in the jurors dining room. And of course in both places we have numbered seats for each of us. There is an etiquette at the theatre and at court. We have to turn our phones off and not interrupt or speak unless invited to do so. And drama, oh goodness, the drama. Perhaps the greatest similarity is the chorus of “Oh yes you did!” and “oh no I didn’t!” which echoes in both venues.


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