The Number of the Beast

There are Crown productions and Defence Productions. These vary in size and importance. If they run to several pages they are numbered. The trouble is the productions used by the Crown and /or the Defence have numbers that bear no relationship to the copies given to the jurors or the Judge. So we hear our learned friends advising us to look at Crown Production No 4, page 22, that is on your copy page 11…The Judge has been rermarkably tolerant of such complications but he couldn’t help commenting at one stage: “I have taken a childlike approach to numbering this document, I have started at the beginning with page one.” Whenever the difficulty of wrongly cited or numbered documents or pages rears its ugly head, the Judge smiles sweetly at the Jury as if to say, they can’t help it the poor fools, bear with them a little longer. Towards the end of today after a maelstrom of confusing references to numbers, we were given a correctly numbered document causing the Judge to say “Now that we have got the hang of numbering…”

I have been most impressed by the care with which the police witnesses have answered the questions put to them. Journalists could learn much from them about sticking to the facts. 

Almost forgot: today’s offering was a tasty cottage pie, followed by a rather dry sultana sponge with not quite enough tasteless custard. Tomorrow my favourite…but I’ll save that until tomorrow.


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