Many of these are relevant–not all but many–especially the one about eating fudge!

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In a recent article in the Times Higher Education Supplement academics were asked ‘what had they wished they had known at the start of their careers?’

Letters to a young academic are inspirational musings on what will help you make sense of, and survive the world of academia.

Advice ranges from the practical;

“If you’re not asked to take mad chances, manufacture them. Network, ask established academics to publish with you, suggest research proposals, organise team teaching and join at least one committee.”

to the more obscure,

“I’m a scientist. My regret is all the time I wasted working on a useless time machine. If only it worked; I could go back in time and not bother.”

Twitter followers were also asked what advice they would give to themselves given the opportunity. Find out here….fun, laughter and tears follow.

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