I remember so vividly the first time I told a group of friends that I had depression. Total silence then change of subject. Second time, different friends, total support and acceptance.


With International Women’s Day and Mothering Sunday falling on the same weekend this year, there will be millions of women the world-over coming together to talk, laugh, and debate hot topics. But although some of you may share what’s on your mind, how many of you will be talking about your mental health? Emma Rhule looks at the stats and the stigma surrounding women and mental illness.  

This Mothering Sunday, A Woman Under the Influence, will be the second film to be screened as part of the Wonder on Film series. Directed by John Cassavetes, the film follows a few months in the lives of an American family as the mother’s, Mabel (Gina Rowlands), increasingly erratic behaviour results in her husband, Nick (Peter Falk), having her admitted for psychiatric treatment.

From the Ancient Greeks, through the attics and asylums of the Victorian era, to the modernist Bloomsbury set and…

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  1. I’ve found myself in similar situations with my fatigue. If the person has personal experience of chronic fatigue, post-viral fatigue, or fatigue as a side-effect from medication (or close friend, family member, etc) then they ‘get it’. If they haven’t, then they don’t know what it means, are shy of asking questions, and it can result in a wall of silence.

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