Three year anniversary

Apparently it is three years since I started this blog! Then I was studying for a Masters in Creative Writing at Edinburgh Napier University and now I am in my third year of studying for a PhD in Creative Writing at Newcastle University. Well, full marks to me for consistency!

So what have I learned in those three years? 

Writing is a tough job. There are no holidays or lunch breaks because I can’t stop thinking about the current project wherever I am. I can’t think of anything I want to do more.

Teaching is the sweetener that keeps me going during difficult times. I love my students and  I learn so much from them all. 

The support I get from my friends is the clarifying solution that stops me from going insane.

It takes me a fortnight to understand even constructive criticism. And that’s okay.

I have a much more negative mindset than I thought I had. Thanks for the insight daughter! Knowledge is power!

Sometimes it’s hard to balance story with what I know is out there.

Moving the furniture around clears the brain.

Conferences are not as frightening as I thought they were. 

Learning stuff is exhilarating. Boredom is not an option.

I like showing off.

I have LOTS of good ideas. 


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