Some thoughts on the occasion of my Mum’s death

This is the note I found in the attic, written in my Mum’s unique round and generous handwriting:

“Don’t be sad darlings.

I believe, firmly and truly, we shall meet again with joy.

All my love


Thank you all for a lovely life with you.”

The above is a great example of the positive way Mum lived her life. I have never met anyone who (despite her reservations) embraced old age with more contentment and gratitude than Mum.

My happiest memories with Mum include our cruise round the Scottish Islands, visits to The Main Street Trading Company bookshop, visits to the Globe and to Stratford on Avon, hearing Yevgeny Yevtushenko read his poetry in Charing Cross Road, watching TV adaptations of Henry James novels, adding a contribution from Mum’s clothing (a red and white blouse) to my packing when leaving for The Scottish College of Textiles and sharing our interest in novels poetry and helpful spiritual books. On the day of Mum’s funeral where usually there are two doves in the garden, this time there were three. My father, my sister and Mum reunited perhaps?


4 thoughts on “Some thoughts on the occasion of my Mum’s death

  1. Wow. So beautiful. And yes to the three doves. Yes!!! God knows we need signs. He sends them and all we need to do is find them. Bless your Mom she seemed like such a treasure.

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