Q&A: Melanie Wilson – Life through the lens of dementia

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In Autobiographer, writer-performer Melanie Wilson takes a theatrical audience through the unravelling mind of the main character, Flora. But how does one go about conveying what it’s like to live with dementia? We asked her to explain.

What is Autobiographer about? 

‘Autobiographer’ is a poetic performance woven from the last remembered fragments of the life of a charming, affectionate and thoughtful woman called Flora. Flora is the autobiographer of the title and the performance is formed around her stories and recollections.

What does the title mean?

It is the job title of the main character and describes the narrative form of the piece. Flora is engaged in ceaseless endeavour to keep hold of her own autobiography. 

How did you become interested in memory and dementia?

Over the last four years I have been making performances and sound pieces that have had a particular interest in notions of…

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