Feedback on living well with dementia

This is important

Slide1The feedback from the Insight program from many people was overall very positive, but some “were deflated by it, saying it totally bypassed the realities of people with moderate-advanced dementia”, and one family support person said it “showed dementia through rose-tinted glasses”I’m adding a few snippets of feedback here, without people’s names for their privacy.

I would like to say in response to the two comments above, that most programs about dementia, completely bypass the reality that many of us are (and can) living much better with dementia, than the public perception, which is almost always ‘late to end stage’ in the media.

Unless diagnosed very late in the disease process, none of us go to end stage upon diagnosis.
It must have been difficult for the team at SBS Insight to turn 2.5 hours of filming into a 50 minute program, but I feel it was reasonably well-balanced. I…

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