Caregiver’s Negative Agreement & Stigmatization of Those With Dementia

I’d like to quote from this in my PhD if you allow me to Faith?

Still Life With Dementia

When I was diagnosed with dementia, I asked what that meant for my future. Unlike Kate Swaffer’s, Prescribed Disengagement, my questions were met with compassionate solemn looks…but no answers. Like everything else in my life, it was left up to me to figure it out…and to figure out what to do with it. Although, it makes things a bit harder to not be given guidance, I find as I get some distance, that I really prefer things that way because it allows me complete freedom to form my own view of it.

I didn’t relish being put in the situation of having to confront my beloved medical providers with the hard and uncomfortable question of, “just be honest with me, does this mean I am going to die?” Or to have to make them utter the words, it was clear they wished I hadn’t asked them to say, “yes…

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