Normal service New Zealand blog resumes! A is for accommodation

wp_20170114_001Perhaps the most bonkers accommodation we had in Akaroa was the bach that F and J rented for us all. It stood out on the hill with its red, white and blue striped deck railing. Inside this was echoed by the metal staircase which, at night, lit up in increments red, white and blue! The lighting everywhere was movement sensored — not so funny when one is quietly on the loo and the lights go out! Industrial themed decor reigned in the public rooms. There was a huge first floor sundeck and a sophisticated sound system complete with music to our taste! Sadly the swimming pool was not quite finished.

This was a great improvement on the accommodation I had booked for Fr and me when we arrived in Akaroa a few days early. Supposedly “12 mins walk from the centre of town” it was at least twenty minutes fast hike along a narrow road which fell into the sea on one side and against a cliff face on the other. This walk ended up with Fr getting a dramatic blood blister which burst in a scene like a horror movie, arterial coloured blood splashing everywhere!








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