Malignant Positioning vs Living Well with Dementia

Malignant positioning can occur when, after a diagnosis of dementia, a person’s words and behaviour are put down to symptoms of the condition, rather than being recognised as a genuine reaction to a situation. People may talk over and for people with dementia and take over doing things they can still do for themselves. If […]

Foucault and Dementia

Why did you choose Foucault as a lens? I chose Foucault as a lens because he addresses the psycho-social and political aspects of illness and medicine. As each generation manages to deal with different threats of illness, both medical advances and political attitudes focus on the next threat to the population. Currently the world is […]


I’m writing a novel based on the illness experience of a close relative. Throughout the process I have also had to deal with the effects on me as I reflect on my relative’s experience. This is an emotional journey which often overwhelms me and up till now I have not paid attention to that. It […]

First public conference: Terror and Joy combined

What? Understanding Human Flourishing, Postgraduate Conference Where? Holgate Centre, Grey College, Durham University When? 16/17 May 2013 Who? A wonderful mixture of people from a variety of different disciplines Why? Learning, presenting, networking, eating, exploring How? With curiosity, trepidation and excitement! It didn’t start well. When I gave the taxi driver my destination, he said […]